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Futurity Shorthorns

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The Shorthorn breed has been well represented in the recent Sydney Royal Beef Challenge. Matching it with the best of the best studs from other breeds the Bowman families commercial shorthorns achieved great results. Their commitment to sourcing quality genetics to meet their breeding goals has been rewarded with a Gold and Silver medal. 


2021 Sale Results

On the back of record breaking cattle prices across the board, increased demand and limited supply of bulls, new highs were achieved.

We would like to sincerely thank all purchasers, underbidders and long time supporters of our program. Many of whom have weathered the challenging seasonal conditions over the past few years, your commitment to keeping your breeding herd is applauded, it hasn't been easy. There were 108 registered bidders and many more online. 87% of the bulls sold to repeat buyers across the country from King Island, South Australia, Victoria, Central Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The Top priced bull for the sale was LOT 62 Temana Quest secured by Moongool Charolais at Yeulba in Queensland. The $42,000 price tag was pushed along by underbidder Palgrove Charolais. Quest is an impressive individual physically and backed up by a good data set being in the Top 5% of the breed for IMF, 15% for 200 day growth, 20% for 600 day growth and scrotal size and Top 25% for 400 day growth, Carcase weight, EMA and all Index values. Quest sets a new record for Temana as the highest price bull ever sold.

The Top priced Shorthorn bull was Lot 13 Futurity Quadrant for $37,000 to Butterleaf Pastoral at Glen Innes. Quadrant has a real sire appeal combined with tremendous thickness and volume. He is in the Top 5% of the breed for All Purpose Index.

58/58 Shorthorn bulls Topped at $37,000 for Lot 13 Futurity Quadrant, to average $17,293

28/28 Charolais bulls Topped at $42,000 for Lot 62 Temana Quest, to average $12,536


Increasing heifer productivity - Genetics Catalogue

Artificial Insemination has been used for many years to cost effectively access elite genetics.

If you are considering using AI in your program a useful webinar to watch is one produced by Repro360 on increasing heifer productivity and precision breeding (click below link).

There are now 12 Sires available to choose from in our genetics catalogue some of which are proven and suitable for use on heifers. View Catalogue

Beef Australia 2021- Increasing Heifer Productivity: Integrating FTAI into Commercial Beef Herds



If you would like to discuss your breeding program and assistance with genetics call Jason on 0429479249.


Jason & Kylie

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